At end of this Spring Semester we said goodbye to three wonderful teachers: Daniel Plautz, Erik Lara and Samantha Story. These three teachers have added incredible value to each of their students and to this school and they will be missed.  

Daniel Plautz has been a guitar teacher for the last two years and recently accepted a great internship at Aflac as a sales agent. In addition, he and his wife will be welcoming a baby girl in August! Congratulations to the Plautz family!

Erik Lara has also been a guitar teacher for the last two years and this summer he is opening his own car mechanic shop. Congratulations and best of luck to Erik and his entrepreneurial endeavors!

Last, but certainly not least, Samantha Story has been a piano teacher with us for this past year and recently accepted a new job outside of the studio. We are grateful for the time and effort these three have invested and they will be missed!

On a lighter note (pun intended!), we, as a school, hosted three full days of recitals on May 6th, 13th, and June 3rd and they were awesome! We tried two new venues this year: The Marcus Dry Room at the newly renovated Cary Arts Center in Downtown Cary, and Carswell Auditorium at Meredith College. Both venues were fantastic and all of the recitals were a huge success! It was obvious that the students and teachers were very prepared because everyone performed extremely well.

As always, it’s a delight to see how much the students have grown in the course of a year (musically and physically!) and we look forward to another great year of growth ahead of us!