Two weeks ago, Carolina Music School, LLC., was rated one of best for music lessons in the Raleigh, NC area by Of the 96 schools and individuals taken into consideration, the list was narrowed down to 12, and our school was among those in the top ranks. 
This is quite an honor, as Carolina Music School will be celebrating it’s 5th year in business come November. Previously known as Carly’s Carolina Piano Studio, it started out with just me, teaching piano to 12 kids in the West Cary area. Over the last five years, wonderful teachers have been a part of this ever flowing community, bringing the joy of music to the lives of their students. Teachers, both past and present, have been a huge part of bringing Carolina Music School to the top. Dutifully educated, skilled, and eager teachers are what make our community so special. The connection they make with students, both personally and musically, is what makes our school so great. Without these teachers, it would still just be me. 
Thank you to all of the teachers who have been a part of the studio, both past and present. Your hard work and dedication to enriching the lives of those you teach is what makes you so vital. Parents see these attributes and tell their family, friends, and neighbors, spreading the word and helping to make our studio grow. Without you, all of this would be impossible. Thanks again and let’s keep it up!